Another email to the Prime Minister’s office

To read communication previous to what’s given in this post, please click here.

I sent a short email to the Prime Minister’s office on the 18th of July. In that email I sincerely thanked them for the communication that I had received from them and mentioned that I’ve been checking my spam folder regularly and haven’t received any reply to my email of Feb. 23, 2010. I requested that if their reply was sent but lost to please resend it, or if they didn’t know which Feb. 23 email I was talking about to please let me know so that I could resend it. I sent them some more information about myself so that if they wish to verify who I am they can do so. Up to that point I hadn’t told them much about myself. I also made clear my opinion that the concerns that I and others have expressed regarding the issues in my emails are not being addressed by their government.

I want to explicitly tell my readers now, in case there was any doubt, that this email exchange is not something that I’ve made up. Sometimes bloggers like to make things up in the interest of getting attention, hoping to use some loophole later that it was “for entertainment purposes” or “satire” or whatever it may be. For the sake of avoiding as many doubts as I possibly can, I’m telling you now that this correspondence did take place. It has not been invented. If anyone doesn’t believe me, have them send similar emails to the Prime Minister, and then let them see what kind of a reply comes back.


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