Vancouver Sun: Renner dismisses oilsands toxins report

Here’s an article dated Sept 1/2010 from the Vancouver Sun that’s titled Renner dismisses oilsands toxins report.

According to that article, Alberta’s environment minister Rob Renner has dismissed the study by David Schindler et al. about the environmental impact on the Athabasca River of the oil sands industry. Dr. Schindler has pointed out that theirs is the only such study that has been peer-reviewed and published in a credible scientific journal. Rob Renner had not read Dr. Schindler’s article.

Let’s look at that again. Alberta’s minister of the environment did not read the only credible peer-reviewed scientific study that discusses the environmental impact on the Athabasca River of the oil sands industry but disregarded the conclusions of the study anyway.

If this blows your mind, then if you haven’t done so yet, listen to Fred Kuzmic claim that there is no conflict of interest in simultaneously working for Shell and being spokesperson for the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) which submits data to the provincial and federal governments for assessment of the environmental performance of the oil sands industry. That begins at 2:45 of the CBC video that I posted yesterday which I also link to here.

Note that RAMP points out on their website that human health is not their responsibility [1]. I wonder what’s up with that.

[1] Here’s the full entry regarding that point from their FAQ: “Is water quality testing for human health part of the RAMP program? Human health is not within the mandate of RAMP, but is the responsibility of Health Canada, Alberta Health and Wellness and the Northern Lights Health Region. Representatives from these organizations sit on the RAMP Steering Committee to keep informed on results of the environmental monitoring, particularly with respect to issues that may influence human health.”


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One Response to “Vancouver Sun: Renner dismisses oilsands toxins report”

  1. operationwatch Says:

    By the way, I just want to point out that the word toxin isn’t really used correctly in the Vancouver Sun article (and in one of my previous posts). It’s a minor issue that doesn’t affect the important points. But I decided to mention it in case my readers discuss this issue at a later time and would like to be aware of that.

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